A brief discussion on the performance of Pipe automation production line system during medium frequency heating of bendi

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The power required for work comes from the hydraulic system, in addition to manual loading and unloading materials, the design of the hydraulic system can easily realize the automatic completion of the bending work cycle. In a working cycle, the hydraulic circuit action and its functions are as follows: oil pump stop unloading - clamp cylinder fast forward (tire rotation, clamp pipe)- clamp cylinder in (press bending pipe)- clamp cylinder pressure retention - roll bending cylinder in (roll bending pipe)- roll bending cylinder fast back (roll bending wheel reset)- clamp cylinder fast back (tire wheel reset)- oil pump unloading. So how does the system behave when the bending tube is heated at medium frequency? Stations and experts tell you:

(1) The system circuit is an integrated block oil circuit, and its connection mode is superimposed, thus reducing the cost, reducing the leakage and pollution of the connecting oil circuit and hydraulic oil, making the system highly integrated, easy to maintain, and ensuring the stability of the work:

(2) Most of the cylinders are locked by hydraulic control check valve on the circuit to reduce the pressure loss in the work and ensure that the cylinder can be maintained at any position, so as to make the clamping and guiding actions of Pipe automation production line reliable;

(3) Only one electromagnetic relief valve is used to form a unloading loop, which has simple system structure, reasonable energy utilization, small power consumption and obvious energy-saving effect:

(4) The use of combination pump oil supply, through the switch control solenoid valve 1YA, 2YA gain and loss of power to achieve volume speed regulation, in order to achieve the purpose of smooth bending and rapid reset, high efficiency, simple structure.

Pipe automation production line https://www.john-sheng.com/Automatic-Production-Line