custom reclaimed rubber making machine What is the national standard

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custom reclaimed rubber making machine

The national standard for insulating rubber board is HG2949-1999 "Electrical insulating rubber pad?" . The standard specifies the classification and requirements of insulating rubber sheets, as follows:

Color classification: including red, black, green, gray, etc.

Voltage classification: divided into 5KV, 10KV, 15KV, 20KV, 25KV, 30KV, 35KV.

Thickness classification: 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and so on.

Name category: including insulating rubber board, insulating rubber pad, insulating board, insulating blanket, custom reclaimed rubber making machine, etc.

These insulating rubber sheets are suitable for laying the workbench and ground in electronic places, laying and installing the ground of power stations and substations. Storage should be placed in a dry and ventilated environment, away from heat sources, away from the ground and walls of more than 20cm, to avoid acid, alkali and oil pollution, do not open air to avoid direct sunlight.

The thickness and specific gravity of insulating rubber plate are different in different voltage levels. For example, the thickness of the 5KV insulating rubber sheet is 3mm, and the specific gravity is 5.8KG/m2; The thickness of 10KV and 15KV insulating rubber plates is 5mm, and the specific gravity is 9.2KG/m2; The thickness of 20KV insulating rubber plate is 6mm, and the specific gravity is 11KG/m2; The thickness of the 25KV insulating rubber plate is 8mm, and the specific gravity is 14.8KG/m2; The thickness of 30KV-35KV insulating rubber sheet is 10mm or 12mm, and the specific gravity is 18.4KG/m2 or 22KG/m2. When the voltage of the distribution room is 35 kV, choose 10-12 mm thick, choose 8 mm thick when the voltage is 10 kV, and choose 5 mm thick below the low voltage of 500 volts.

custom reclaimed rubber making machine